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Start as an EMR and work your way up. Advanced Minnesota offers Emergency Medical Responder training, both Initial courses and Refreshers.

An emergency medical responder (EMR), also identified as a first responder, is the lowest level of practice for an emergency medical service professional and often precedes the level known as Emergency Medical Technician-Basic (EMT-B). Many candidates become EMT-B without formally working as a first responder, but those seeking immediate entry-level employment may prefer the shorter training period necessary to become EMRs.

In this role, you assist emergency medical technicians in accidents, emergencies and critical childbirth. You may assist with providing first aid for flesh wounds and/or bone and soft tissue injuries. You may help with a patient’s airway management and resuscitation. You also provide patients with protection when preparing them for transport to the hospital. This may include stabilizing the spine and neck, controlling bleeding and protecting them from infection or exposure to hazardous substances.

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Jeff Mayer

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Jon Olson

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