Why Coaching?
Whether you are a CEO of a major company or organization, a frontline or mid-level leader looking to take the next step in your career, or you are someone looking for personal growth and improvement, developing a relationship with a Coach can be an exceptionally valuable way of producing the results you are looking for.

Coaches are not “advice givers”!
Working with our trained Co-Active Coaches (https://coactive.com/training/coach-training/), we will work with our clients to develop “an alliance” for their success and growth.  We believe everyone has everything that they currently need within them as long as they remain deeply connected to their own personal values. Our job is to help clients see those values, and in turn help them connect with their most authentic self so they can focus on how to create real tangible outcomes in their life and continue maintain that ongoing alignment moving forward.

Package Rates
First One Hour Discovery Session is Free then:
3 month with 6 sessions ($1,200)*
6 month with 12 sessions ($2,100)*+
12 month with 24 sessions ($3,600)

*Through a Workforce Development Grant with Iron Range Resources & Rehabilitation, Manufacturing Companies that utilize our Executive, Professional, and Personal Coaching get a 50 percent discount off the 3-month and 6-month package rates.

+We strongly recommend committing to at least six months of coaching to have the requisite impact on the individual and organization.

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