Program Description

16 Hours

Participants will learn fundamentals of project management while using Microsoft Project.

  1. Project Management Using the Project Management Lifecycle
    1. Define
    2. Plan
    3. Execute
    4. Close Out
  2. Use Microsoft Project to Manage Large and/or Multiple Projects
    1. Starting a Project.
      1. Choosing and customizing calendars and working times.
      2. Setting Project Start Date
    2. Creating and Scheduling Tasks and Sub Projects
      1. Developing a Work Breakdown Structure
      2. Task Descriptions
      3. Task Duration
      4. Dependencies between tasks
      5. Types of Tasks
      6. Assigning and leveling Resources across Projects
    3. Managing the Project
      1. Setting a project baseline
      2. Updating and adjusting the schedule
      3. Tracking and Reporting project progress.

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