B.S. in Applied Engineering

Applied Engineering Major, B.A.S.
Delivery: Online
Academic Advisor: Dr. Jim McCracken
(Tel) 218-755-2954
(Email) jmccracken@bemidjistate.edu

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The Applied Engineering Program is designed to prepare individuals to work in a variety of applied engineering career paths in business or industry. The program is designed specifically for individuals who typically possess a two-year technical degree and are interested in advancing their professional career. The program is a “2+2” degree that permits students to apply their 2 year technical degree credits toward a baccalaureate degree. Coupled with a two-year technical degree providing a focused foundation, students will complete junior- and senior-level courses covering a broad range of applied engineering concepts and applications. This breadth will provide maximum flexibility for graduates to pursue diverse employment opportunities. Completion of the degree is available through a web-based distance delivery format. Students should work closely with an advisor to obtain program and course selection information.

Note: Transfer students must take a minimum of 30 semester credits from Bemidji State University. Forty (40) upper division semester credits are also required for graduation.

Note: Asterisked (*) courses have prerequisites not included in this major. It is expected that these prerequisites will have been covered in the Required Technical Core transferred in.

I. Required Technical Core

Requires 26 technical credits transferred from an A.S. or A.A.S. degree, or a diploma (e.g., Manufacturing Technology, Automation Technology)

Subtotal 26 Credits

II. Required Applied Engineering Technology Core

IT 3100 Principles and Practices of Professional Development (2 credits)
IT 3267 Engineering Cost Analysis (3 credits)
*IT 3460 Parametric 3-D Modeling (3 credits)
*IT 3700 Production Planning and Control (3 credits)
IT 3877 Engineering Problem Solving (3 credits)
IT 4460 Design for Manufacturability (3 credits)
IT 4878 Quality Assurance (3 credits)
*IT 4879 Service Process Design and Improvement (3 credits)
IT 4897 Project Management (3 credits)

Subtotal 26 Credits

III. Applied Engineering Technology Electives

Select 14 credits from the following with assistance from a faculty advisor:

BUAD 3281 Advanced Spreadsheet Systems (3 credits)**
BUAD 3361 Marketing (3 credits)**
BUAD 3381 Management Information Systems (3 credits)**
BUAD 3771 Financial Management (3 credits)**
ENGL 3155 Professional Writing (3 credits)
IT 3217 Materials Science and Metallurgy (3 credits)
IT 3870 Technical Sales/Presentations (2 credits)
IT 3879 Performance Measurement (3 credits)
IT 3880 Human Resource Development (2 credits)
*IT 4537 Industrial Design (3 credits)
IT 4777 Advanced Topics in Quality (3 credits)
IT 4877 Industrial Maintenance and Safety (3 credits)
IT 4880 Total Quality Management (3 credits)
IT 4970 Internship (3 credits)

** require prerequisites, or junior or senior status and consent of instructor

Subtotal 14 Credits

IV. Required Engineering Capstone

IT 4820 Engineering Case Study (3 credits)

Subtotal 3 Credits

Total Semester Credits Required for Major 69 Credits

A Total of 128 Semester Credits is Required for a Bachelor’s Degree

Degree Summary

Required Technical Core (26 credits)
Required Applied Engineering Technology Core (26 credits)***
Applied Engineering Technology Electives (14 credits)***
Required Engineering Capstone (3 credits)
Liberal Education (42 credits)
Free Electives (17 credits)
Total = 128 credits

***Applied Engineering Technology Core credits (26) plus Applied Engineering Technology Electives credits (14) = 40 upper division credit requirement.

Note: Upon approval of the Technological Studies staff, certain major courses may be substituted in the Applied Engineering Technology Core and/or Applied Engineering Technology Electives from related Technical and Community College Programs.

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