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Pilot Escort Vehicle Certification Training

In 2012, the State of Minnesota passed new laws mandating operators of vehicles escorting over-dimensional loads to be certified by the Minnesota Department of Public Safety. All operators will be required to carry this certification beginning January 1, 2014.  Advanced Minnesota, in partnership with Hennepin Technical College, has led the way in developing a training response to this mandate.  Pilot/Escort Vehicle Operation Certification training curriculum reciprocity now exists with Florida, along with Colorado, Oklahoma, Virginia, North Carolina, Utah, and Washington state.

This means: Minnesota domiciled and out of state pilot/escort drivers holding Colorado, Florida, and Utah certification that is still current on or after January 2, 2014, will not be required to obtain Minnesota certification to operate in Minnesota (with conditions—see below). Once it expires, however, pilot/escort drivers domiciled in Minnesota will be required to obtain Minnesota certification. This will require attending the initial 8-hour training class and passing the examination.

Conditions: Colorado, Florida, Utah and Washington certification holders will be allowed to escort overdimensional loads in Minnesota provided that the Minnesota insurance, driver, vehicle, and safety equipment requirements are met. And Minnesota certification holders will be allowed to escort overdimensional loads in Colorado, Florida, North Carolina, Utah, and Washington, provided that insurance, driver, vehicle, and safety equipment requirements are met for those states.

For Pilot Escort Certification: 

Classes are available at your site location providing there is a sufficient class size to host the class. Please call for details. Currently, we are only providing open enrollment classes (a single registration) in limited locations periodically throughout the state. The cost of certification is $180 per person.  

For Pilot Escort Recertification: 

Recertification is available both online and classroom.

For online classes through Hennipen Technical College: https://mnscu.rschooltoday.com/public/getclass/category_id/42/program_id/7/subcategory_id/220

Instructor-led classes are also available. This is a minimum class size. Please call for details

The cost of recertification either online or instructor-led is $90.00

For more information or to schedule training for your company, please call:

Mike Knapp



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