Customer Service Training

Customer Service Training

Tourism and hospitality is one of the world’s largest industries. It is a vital component of the economy in northeast Minnesota where extraordinary natural amenities attract millions of visitors every year. Tourism and hospitality in an area like northeast Minnesota normally consists of thousands of small businesses. Although these small businesses compete with one another they are also dependent upon one another.

When a customer has a good experience at any business in a region the entire area benefits. When a customer has a poor experience the reputation of the entire area suffers. This course teaches professional customer service skills in seven modules: communications, product knowledge, professionalism and ethics, encouraging customer feedback, enhancing profitability, local tourism information, and company loyalty. By completing this course students will learn how to enhance business success and will be better prepared to build an even more vibrant tourist industry in northeast Minnesota.

To gain access to the Customer Service Training, please follow the following steps.

1) Fill out the online registration form (Companies registering many individuals will need to provide a roster of names to Deb Jacobson at

2) Make payment arrangements.  Contact Deb Jacobson at 218-749-7731. Course rates are as follows:

Number of Registrations                      Course Rate
1-100                                                        $500  For unlimited company access for 1 year.
101-300                                                    $1,500  For unlimited company access for 1 year.
301-500                                                    $2,500  For unlimited company access for 1 year.
501+                                                         $3,000  For unlimited company access for 1 year.

(If you are registering as an individual the rate is $500.00 for the course for 1 year)

3) Once we have received your registration form/roster of students and payment arrangements we will give you a unique password to access the course online.

4) Visit the course and enter the password at: Online Customer Service Training Portal


Please contact Deb Jacobson at 218-749-7731 or at with any questions about  the registration process or rate information.